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Trash or Treasure Box
Trash or Treasure Box

Trash or Treasure Box

Recyclable Material Definition:
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Box Description

Included with every box:

  1. 13” x 13” x 29” Trash or Treasure candy wrapper recycling box
  2. Round-trip shipping and handling (UPS Carbon Neutral Shipment)
  3. Candy wrapper sorting, processing and recycling
  4. Certificate of Recycling (upon return and processing)
  5. Acceptable Items: candy wrappers, chip bags, thin wrappers with shiny lining
  6. Prohibited Items: zip seal bags/pouches, plastic bags, food waste (do not include candy or chips, only packaging)

Join Our Mission to End Waste

We all love celebrating the holidays with something sweet! However, the vast majority of candy wrappers end up in landfills due to an inability by most curbside recycling programs to recycle them. That’s where Rubicon comes in.

By participating in Trash or Treasure™, you don’t have to trash those candy wrappers and doom them to an eternity in a landfill—or, even worse, in our oceans. Using one of our custom candy wrapper recycling boxes, you can help keep our planet clean and contribute to the circular economy.

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